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Hail and Well Met!

Seasons Greetings to whoever’s ended up with me—I have so many ideas I hope this’ll be pretty easy for you. I am so excited.

In general, please no smut, no fluffy romances (if you could even fit one around these prompts, lol). The more desperate the better. I like things that work with canon rather than ignore it, which means I generally don't care for AUs, but love when there’s background noise to whatever the main focus of the story is. Reference canon where it seems appropriate!

Being Human (UK): My trash fave John Mitchell. I like the glimpses we get of the years he spent with Herrick just swanning around being a rebellious, irresponsible teenager, (does he ever meet Hal during that timeline?) but I also am SUPER IN LOVE with the train wreck that is the post-Box Tunnel 20 storyline (pun intended). Also the bizarre, awkward, very forced thing that is the Mitchell/Annie relationship, and all the secrets he keeps. I mean, she says it herself: he lies to her from the beginning. Almost everything he says to her in the context of their relationship and how he feels about her is a lie (like, that thing about sex being nothing but a weapon? Not true AT ALL. See: Josie, Lucy, i.e. every other non-vampire he has had a significant relationship with). Their relationship is just Mitchell trying, again, to make himself believe he’s good (enough?) through someone else’s love/validation. So, I’m not asking for Mitchell/Annie, exactly; if you write this I want something that makes it clear how false/desperate/BUILT ON LIES AND SECRETS that relationship really is.

Alternatively, something involving Carl coming back? (!!)—maybe he finds them in Barry? Him and Mitchell being miserable suffering people together and having sad conversations, Carl talking about a new boyfriend he has, maybe, how he knows one day he’s going to make the same mistake? I love it when it’s extra vampires living at the house (Herrick, oh my god); there’s always so much tension. And something I find really interesting is how secretive Mitchell is with his actual housemates, but how easily he opens up to other vampires. I mean, he tells Cara—Cara—about the BT20 and the wolf-shaped bullet about five seconds after she shows up, and one of the major plotlines of the season is how he’s trying to hide all that from literally everyone else in the world.

Some extra-optional things:

I know Nina wasn’t nominated (I totally forgot Yuletide nominations were happening until they were already over, alas), but if you like her…. : 3 I love their interactions, the way they play off each other so perfectly, how Nina can see right through Mitchell and doesn’t take any of his bullshit the way, for better or worse, George and Annie are willing to do. She doesn’t let him lie to her and thus she doesn’t let him lie to himself, and I just think it’s a fascinating dynamic. Something after the Box Tunnel 20, probably—maybe right after they move into the B&B (but after they get Annie back), or later on, during the police investigation? If you could somehow work Daisy into it I would love you forever, but if the story doesn’t call you that way, that’s fine too.

Or (last one, I promise), just something Mitchell/Daisy?? They’re my favorite.

The Hurt Locker: William James. I’d love some more post-deployment stuff. We get about two seconds of him stateside, but what we do see is so poignant. Him sitting in front of of a static tv set; him being completely lost at the grocery store. And yet, does that need to help people come into play anywhere? Does he see a kid that looks like the kid who sold videos, or who just moves in a way that reminds him of that kid? Show me him trying and failing to tell his wife about the body bombs, or telling his baby about the goats out in the desert, how they aren’t as cuddly and friendly as you’d think: they shield terrorists (and then he has to leave the room because he totally knows that is not an appropriate baby story). How does getting re-deployed work? Does the army call him or does he have to volunteer? How long does he have to wait? How relieved is he when the call finally comes?

TURИ: Mary Woodhull, Abraham Woodhull. These two, oh my goodness. I love how smoothly Mary rose to prominence in the show - because I liked Anna and Will together! Only then there was Mary Woodhull, suddenly and beautifully, willing to do what was necessary. ("I know how to clean up a mess," good lord.) Anything with them being kick-ass spy-marrieds would be wonderful, really (some romance is fine, as is desperate, very emotional-charged, non-explicit fucking.) A New York trip? Speculation for next season? I'd prefer something either narratively equal, or weighted toward Mary, if possible.

If you feel obliged to include Anna Strong because of her involvement with literally everything, I'd like to see her with Edmund Hewlett rather than still in love with Abraham.

Thank you for offering to write one for of these amazing series or movies! I can't wait to read what you write : 3
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First of all, I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner. It's my first time doing this particular exchange, and the first time I've had to write a letter for one : P

In general, just no dub-con/non-con stuff? Please make everything consensual, although strictly vanilla stuff isn't a requirement, if you'd rather do something more kinky. Just, please no watersports, intense BDSM, or rape fantasies for any of the pairings. If you don't feel like writing smut that is totally fine, I'd actually prefer something a little more character-driven than PWP. I like plot, I like complicated relationships; I like things that tie into canon, if you can manage it.

The Goldfinch. Pippa/Kitsey.

Since they don't interact much at all over the course of the novel, what I'd like to see for these two is just them patching their lives together, together, in the wake of all their tragedies. Neither of them are in wholly healthy places by the end of it, and I'd like to see them in a good relationship together. Maybe they meet for the first time at the engagement dinner? Maybe Pippa steps in when Theo runs off? Your choice whether it takes place in London or New York, although if Kitsey goes to visit Pippa at some point and they just hang out in Europe together that would be awesome too :))) Something friendly and understanding and mutually good for them.

Being Human (UK). Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri/Nina Pickering.

This pairing interests me for much the same reason I like Nina's interactions with Mitchell; she's not afraid to get in people's faces--she's not afraid, period--and Daisy's just this force of nature, very carefree and carpe diem. I've got this idea of Daisy just sort of hanging around the hospital; Nina never catches her eating people and doesn't know she's a vampire (or she catches her trying?) but she's curious about who she is, and once they start talking.... I can't picture them actually sleeping together, but pretty much everything up to that is fair game.

Gone Girl. Amy Elliot Dunne/Margo Dunne

This pairing would be awful/great. Definitely post-book, but whether it's post-child or pre-child or while Amy's pregnant is totally up to you. Just something weird and tense that eventually turns into hate-sex??

Mr. Robot

Joanna Wellick/Darlene Alderson

I have no idea how these two would meet, but Joanna is wonderful. She's as cold and calculating as we were led to believe Tyrell was in the beginning, and Darlene's more self-serving than she seems ("You guys [Darlene and Elliot] were never close," Angela tells her in episode 9). Since anything during the first season with them would probably end up ruining the hack, I'd prefer post-season fic, which would require some speculation. Maybe Tyrell's dead and Joanna uses Darlene to get to Elliot? Maybe Joanna and Darlene meet completely randomly (Darlene's weird preference for rich fuckbuddies could be a factor?) and there's all this background stuff going on on both their lives that the other one knows nothing about? Maybe Tyrell isn't dead and Joanna sleeps with someone who happens to be Darlene to exercise her will outside her marriage? Maybe--I could go on. If you've already got an idea you like, of course, please do go with that!


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